Insurtech Vanguards Could Be 90-Seconds Away From the Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Now through July 18, 2022, members of Guidewire’s Insurtech Vanguards program are also invited to submit a 90-second demo video in our Pitch Day 2022 competition!
  • Your value prop is more important than your production values: Submissions do NOT need to be professionally-produced videos—they can be shot on Zoom, Teams, or any basic video-capture application and submitted at 1920x1080p in MOV or MP4 format. We care about your value prop, not how well you can produce videos!
  • Insurtech Vanguard members can register to enter the competition—you will be assigned an adviser to help keep you on track and provide a link for you to submit your video by midnight, July 18, 2022!
  • Select videos will be posted here on July 20—where you can vote for your favorite through August 5!
  • The top 10 Insurtech Vanguard value props will be announced on August 10!
  • They’ll then make a live, 4-minute presentation during Pitch Day (location to be revealed soon)!
  • The Insurtech Vanguard voted best by the Pitch Day audience will be featured at Guidewire Connections 2022!
Voting Begins Here on July 20—May the Best Pitch Win!